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Header image showing the titles of two books, "Advising Chiang's Army" and "Answering the Call", both by Stephen L. Wilson

Advising Chiang’s Army

“This book . . . is well researched, carefully documented and richly illustrated. . . . [It] is a vast treasure trove for anyone interested in World War II, Asian history, and in the career of an extra-ordinary American. It is a joy to recommend it[.]”
George Fry for Military magazine; review reprinted by Midwest Book Review in Reviewer’s Bookwatch

“I appreciated the way the writer portrayed the Chinese Army . . . and that [author] Wilson did not try to sugar coat anything at all. This is a fantastic book; it is amazing.”
Rabia Tanveer for Reader’s Favorite

“If you are a WWII enthusiast, or even just like to read stories with a great deal of human interest, you will thoroughly enjoy this book.”
Lei Momi

“[A]n unusual and fascinating war book. . . . [O]ne shivers with the cold weather and lack of shelter and blankets as described intimately in letters written at the time.”
J. Finder

“This book gives more than a glimpse of the work and hardships endured by American ‘advisors.’ A good book . . . [that is] worth the price of admission.”
Ron Morrison

“Very impressive. That’s what I thought about this book. Very well researched and written. . . . It was a great read. I felt as though I were there.”
Randy Tramp

“I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in military history and Chinese history. . . . It sure gave me a unique perspective.”
Tim Drake

“I find this to be a unique book . . . . Loved the . . . story and am grateful I . . . could add it to my library. A great read!”
George Kugler

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Answering the Call

“Answering the Call . . . is impressively informative, exceptionally well written, and an invaluable addition to the growing library of World War II memoirs and biographies.”
Midwest Book Review

“I found the book to be absolutely absorbing, indeed I read it within a single 48-hour period. It’s an interesting story, well-told. . . . I believe that a central strength of the book is the required scope limitation to the Italian campaign.”
John L. Peschel, Professor of Law Emeritus, New York University

“The book . . . is an excellent example of a firsthand account of activities at . . . [the junior officer] level, both during preparation and combat. It should appeal to those who shared somewhat similar experience or who have relatives who did.”
B. Gen. Curtis Hooper O’Sullivan (Ret.) for Military magazine

“[A]uthor Stephen L. Wilson has produced a highly readable and exceptional book about his family’s experience during the Second World War. . . . I highly recommend it.
A. L. Hanks

“Answering the Call is a must-read book for anyone interested in this time period and learning more about the Greatest Generation.”
John E. Nevola

“I really enjoyed this book. It is like reading someone’s diary and is fascinating! I learned what the . . . life of a soldier was like during World War Two.”
Jo Ann Schneider Farris

[T]his excellent book . . . makes the reader feel as though one is right there in the action. . . . It’s a gritty account of one man’s journey to serve till the campaigns . . . were over.”
Jim Spencer

This book has a wonderful advantage as it is written from information sent home in hundreds of letters! . . . It is a hidden gem of very outstanding human interest.”
Madlyn Fafard

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